Are Mobile Mechanics a New Trend

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Are mobile mechanics new?
are mobile mechanics new to you, or to the automotive industry

Traditionally speaking, the idea of taking your car to a mechanic or shop in particular has been around as long as the automobile itself. If your car can’t start or run, you have a tow truck pick it up and transport it to the shop of your choice. If the vehicle is drivable, (and in most cases, it is), the process is even more cumbersome. Call, schedule an appointment. Move your schedule at work. Drive your car to the shop and either sit in a not-very-comfortable waiting room, or get someone to pick you up from the shop. Now, you wait. Wait more. Call on your vehicle. Wait again. Get an estimate for repairs, which in most cases, makes you pass out on the phone. Finally, you agree to the repairs because hey, you have to get your car fixed, and then you wait more. Finally, at some point, you get your vehicle fixed and back on the road, usually by having someone take you to the shop and drop you off. This entire process can nearly cost you an entire day of productivity, not to mention stress. 

It's no surprise that in today’s world of technology that this method seems about as obsolete as navigating roads with a fold-out map. Sure, it’s worked for decades, but times are certainly changing, and just like the advent of GPS and navigation on your phone, the mobile mechanic is a viable option to keep your time and stress level where it should be. Mobile mechanics are not really a new trend. But they might be new to you.

Auto Monkey mobile mechanic in an empty parking lot

You’ve probably known or seen this idea, or even thought, “Why on earth can’t a mechanic come to me?” In the world of plumbing and HVAC repairs on your home, it seems rather simple to just get the technician to come to you. After all, you don’t lift and remove your AC unit or furnace from your house to be repaired at a shop. T

The good news is that mobile mechanics are around. It is the fastest growing sector of the automotive repair business. The industry has actually been thriving for quite a few years. But it’s been a bit hidden in years past, and has been relegated to local Craigslist ads for independent businesses in a small area. However, more recently, mobile mechanic forums and Facebook groups have been growing rapidly and building a base of technicians and customers. They’re beginning to leverage technology more, and quickly increasing in popularity as people realize yes – this is actually much easier! One of these growing businesses is a group called Auto Monkey. A big difference with Auto Monkey is their app.

Auto Monkey mobile mechanic replacing the starter motor

The mobile mechanic idea is quite simple, and Auto Monkey makes this process even more simple with technology – mainly that phone that’s attached to you at all times! First, download the Auto Monkey app on your phone. Granted, you can call or email Auto Monkey for a quote, but the app is an even better experience. The app gives you the ability to send a request for a specific repair, and get an estimate ahead of time for that repair. Let’s say, your brakes are grinding and you know you’re going to need repairs. Auto Monkey’s app will check to see if there’s an available mechanic in your area first, because even though they are growing in popularity, they aren’t everywhere – yet. You’ll then get an estimate for repairs you requested. Once you approve the estimate, a mechanic comes to your location, either work or home, and begins work on your vehicle right where you are. You can choose to be on-premises to observe the repair, or coordinate the drop-off of your keys if you have places to be.  If by chance the Auto Monkey technician finds something else, they’ll notate it and let you know. Once done, your car has been repaired, and you haven’t interrupted the work-flow of your day. The amount your pre-approved is then paid right through the app – done! Really, it’s that easy.

Now you may ask, “Doesn’t a shop hold a ton of specialized equipment and that’s why I go there to get my car repaired?” The answer to that is yes – they do – but the truth is that the majority of automotive repairs on vehicles are not done with specialized equipment at all – they’re done with a specialized person. They do this work no different than any mechanic can do at home or in the driveway – with traditional jacks and jack stands, and a box of tools. Sure, doing work like swapping out an engine, transmission, alignments, transmission flushes, and other specialized repairs has to be done in a shop. There’s no getting around that, and the Auto Monkey team will certainly be forthcoming on what they can and cannot do. But the fact of the matter is that most automotive repairs aren’t nearly as complicated as in-shop work. These are items like brakes, suspension, steering, starters, alternators, belts and hoses – over 80% of all automotive work can easily be done somewhere where you feel much more comfortable and productive – like your house! 

Another benefit to Auto Monkey is the feature of getting an up-front quote, especially by doing it on the app. Now granted, we all know that auto repairs always start as one thing, and generally end up as something more once the car is taken apart and properly diagnosed, but the Auto Monkey team is used to these things, and tries to give their customers as many angles on the repair as possible, so you have the knowledge to make the best decision on the repair, and get you back on the road. 

So in today’s world of automotive repairs, there’s one thing for certain – you’re going to hear more and more about Mobile Mechanics, as our world of convenience continues to become more and more fine-tuned. The average age of a vehicle today is the most it’s ever been in automotive history – over 12 years – and this means that as more people stay in their cars longer, more repairs are going to be needed. The next time you need a repair, from grinding brakes to check engine lights, grab the Auto Monkey mobile app and experience something much better. It’s safe to say you’re probably not using that old fold-out map much anymore, and it’s probably time to not waste your day on traditional in-shop automotive repair anymore either.