Our Commitment to Safety

MichaelAutomotive Advice

Everything seems to be upside down. Business and people have changed this year. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID‑19) situation and are taking steps to help keep those that rely on our platform safe.

We all play a role in helping keep each other safe. That’s why as part of our Safety Standard, mobile auto technicians are required to wear a mask or face covering while working on customer’s cars and interacting with them. They are encouraged to maintain a 6 ft. distance from customers, wear gloves as personal protection equipment (PPE), and wipe off any surfaces, with Lysol or Clorox Wipes, inside the vehicle that they may have touched.

Health and safety tips

We’re reminding everyone who uses Auto Monkey to follow advice from public health authorities. If you’re sick, stay home and away from others. Wash your hands frequently, and cover your cough or sneeze. For more information, visit the World Health Organization website.

Stay at home, if possible

The most important thing you can do right now is to stay home if possible.

This is especially critical if you’re feeling sick. This will help limit the spread of the virus. Let’s help keep each other safe and healthy.