building An amazing
mobile mechanic career

Get A Rewarding Mobile Mechanic Career

We're always looking for mobile mechanic career minded people that are genuinely honest, helpful, respectful, respectable, and are willing go the extra mile to be nice by pulling up their big-person pants to make it work. Ultimately we want people who love what they do, and do what they love.

Regardless if you're certified or non-certified, if you're interested in you launching your mobile mechanic career to a new height then the Auto Monkey platform is the place for you. Our platform offers complete help aids for mechanics: labor guides, wiring diagrams, remove & replace procedures, technical bulletins and more. We pay our mobile mechanics more than any other competing company. Provide fast payouts. And offer commercial insurance along with a strong customer support system. 

Auto Monkey Was Built With These 3 Questions in Mind

  1. What if I didn't have to take off work to get my oil changed, or car repaired?
  2. What if a mechanic could come to my house or place of work instead of me going to a shop?
  3. Is there a way I can help mechanics have greater earning potential?

We provide services that are convenient for customers, are readily available to most locations, help reduce stress (whether financial or time management). It just happens that the service we provide is automotive repair services.

Mobile Automotive Technicians

Auto Monkey pays its mobile mechanics more than any competing platform! While your flat hourly rate will depend on your experience and certifications, our rates are higher than our top competitors. In addition we offer monthly and quarterly bonuses that can reach upwards of $10k in a calendar year!
Set your own work hours and schedule your own repairs.
As requests populate in the app, you choose which repairs you want to do and which not to do. Money shows up in your bank account when the job is completed. It is pretty much that simple! Only catch is, all repairs must be completed within 6 days. Bonuses are frequently given for same day or within 3 days.
Auto Monkey handles all the advertising, payments, and even the parts.
We've worked to make this as simple as possible for you. Mechanics/Technicians are responsible for shop supplies and their own tools.
Responsibilities and Duties
Mechanics/Technicians, or contractors, have the responsibility to ensure services meet customers’ expectations and company guidelines. Essentially this breaks down to 5 basics.
  • Perform the repair or service correctly and according to the work order.
  • Arrive at the vehicle’s site on time.
  • Provide clear communication regarding timelines with the customer.
  • Ensure the vehicle and surrounding work area is left clean and in good standing order.
  • Respect privacy and other company policies.
Qualifications and Skills
Auto mechanics/ technicians, or hobbyists who are skilled in repairing vehicles are excellent candidates to work as a contracted automotive mechanics or technicians. Your level of experience, certifications, and skillsets determine your payrate and the repair work you'll do. You don't have to be ASE-Certified. But each applicant must pass background checks and a qualifications litmus test. 
Apply here online, or download the app and complete your application there.
We want our mobile mechanics to be:
  • Accountable
  • Upbeat
  • Timely
  • Outstanding work
  • Masterful
  • Observant and safe
  • Noteworthy
  • Knowledgeable
  • Ethical
  • Yes-I-Can mentality