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Auto Monkey does all the advertising, payments, and even pays for the parts needed for each repair order.  We've worked to make this as simple as possible for you, so all you practically have to do is show up and do the work.
Check out this short video to see how the platform works.

Steps to Become A Mobile Mechanic

Becoming an authorized mechanic on our platform does take some time. There are 4 steps in the vetting process:

  1. General Application - Submit basic contact and resume level information
  2. Documents & Agreements - This step is more in-depth and requires contractor documents and agreements to be signed. We also require proof of commercial insurance. We can provide you insurance if you don't already have your own. This is requirement imposed by insurance regulations. 
  3. Assessment Test - We have developed a knowledge test that assets your level of automotive repair knowledge. All qualified mechanics must pass with at least an 80%. 
  4. Personal Interview - This final step is where we determine personality fit, discuss wages,  answer questions. App training and discussions will be provided after final approvals. 

Mobile Mechanic
benefits & Obligations

Great Wages

Auto Monkey provides one of the best flat rates for mechanics in the industry. We're striving to provide ensure all people, regardless of gender, can earn enough money whereby their family can live comfortably.

Actual wages vary depending on level of experience and certifications. Qualified mobile mechanics using our app can make as much as $60/ billable hr on their flat rates. 

Subscription Fees

As of May 1, 2024 all approved mechanics on the Auto Monkey platform are required to pay a $50 monthly subscription fee. This fee pays for your access to Mitchell 1 ProDemand, a comprehensive mechanic software package. ProDemand provides, estimating guides, wire diagrams, R&R procedures, services bulletins, codes, and lots more. AllData and Identifix, competing software go for $189/mo.

In addition, you are given exclusive access to PartsTech, a comprehensive parts supply software. This tool provides parts diagrams and explosive views to locate and price parts. (More information provided during sign up.)

Flexible Schedules

Mechanics manage their own repair schedules. Since mechanics are set up as contractors with a 1099 you can work every day with regular hours, or just evenings or the occasional weekend to earn a little extra coin. The choice is yours.

Near Immediate Payouts

Auto Monkey pays out via direct deposit. Money is hits your account typically next morning. But always within 24-48 hours. Banking hours and holidays contribute to the deposit speed.

No Cash Transactions Allowed. All repair orders payments are made thru the the app to provide a truly contactless, safe, and secure environment for both mechanics and customers. Even tipping options are made available to the customer thru the app.

Parts Are Provided

Mobile Mechanics don’t need to purchase any parts on their own dime. Auto Monkey purchases all parts through a specific parts supplier. Customers may opt to provide their own parts. Once an order is placed and approved you will get an app notification. Parts needed for the job are outlined in your repair order details (found in the app). Simply go to the nearest designated parts supplier, pickup the needed parts and present the generated PO listed in your repair work order.

legal documents
required to become a technician

ID & Certifications

We have to verify you are you.

Platform User Agreement

Each authorized mechanic is required to agree and adhere to a platform agreement including, Non-Solicitation, Standards of Conduct and more.

Mechanic Insurance

All authorized mechanics must carry commercial liability insurance for mechanics, and provide proof of purchase each quarter.

Banking Information

Register your payout method to make sure you get paid as promptly as possible.


All technicians are considered 1099 contractors. They are responsible for their own taxes, and are not Auto Monkey employees.

Profile Photo

We require a simple headshot on your account profile for security reasons, and so customers may better associate a name with a face.

Ready to join


If you think you're ready to earn a little extra cash on the side, or go at it full-time, click the APPLY button and follow the steps begin your Platform application.  Once that's all done, be on the look out for automotive repair requests.