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Mobile Car repair services

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With mobile mechanics positioned all over the United States, you can use our app nearly any where. We offer our mobile car repair services in over 400 cities and more than 30 states. Our locations and network are expanding practically weekly. Download the app and give Auto Monkey a go.

All payments are made using the app, so they are contactless, safe and secure. NO CASH TRANSACTIONS.
Customers can rate and review their mobile mechanic on the app and are also provided quick links to Google, Apple, Facebook and Yelp.

Mechanics must maintain a 4.0 or higher star rating, and have no derogatory remarks to remain active on the app.

A Commitment to top level
Car repair service

Best Materials

Auto Monkey provides both OEM and quality after market parts. Providing consistent quality that hundreds of thousands of professionals depend on. Industry-leading manufacturers, robust materials, and stringent quality control ensure the parts we use meet or exceed OEM performance for every part, every time.

Warrantied Parts and Services

We provide a 24-month/24, 000 mile warranty when we provide the parts as part of the service. If a part happens to not perform up to warrantied standards, Auto Monkey will fix and replace the warrantied item at no added cost to you.

Professional Standards

Expect more from your mechanic. Our platform's technicians are committed to providing top quality service. Just because the repair happens to be in your driveway or a parking lot, it doesn't mean you should expect less. We only do the work that is needed to fix your problem. You'll never need to worry about an over-zealous mechanic trying to sell you 4 new tires, when all you wanted was a routine oil change.

Every Job Has That Personal Touch

If you want the quality you would expect from the dealership, but with a more personal and friendly atmosphere, you have found it. Auto Monkey is committed to complete customer satisfaction, and we want you'll feel absolutely confident when recommending  our services.


Auto Monkey only performs what is considered "light" mechanic work. Services like oil changes, brakes, suspension, timing belts, tune-ups, radiators, 30/60/100/200k mile services,  starter motors, alternators, A/C, sensors, etc.

We don't do: Overhauls (headers, valve jobs, etc), Engine Rebuilds, Transmission work or any performance enhancement services.  

mobile automotive repairs

This list of services is not intended to represent a complete list of services we provide. A more complete list is found on our app.
*Our mobile mechanic services do not include State Inspections, Programming, Transmission work, Body Work, Engine Rebuilds or any kind of Performance Enhancements.

Mobile Transmission Repair Services, Auto Monkey


Mobile Starter Motor Services, Auto Monkey

Starter Motor

Mobile Starter Motor Services, Auto Monkey

Power Steering

Mobile Radiator Repair, Auto Monkey

Radiator & Cooling System

Mobile Vehicle Diagnostic Services, Auto Monkey



Oil Change


Brakes & Braking System

car battery replacement icon - Auto Monkey mobile mechanic repair services.


Mobile Heading and Air Conditioning car repair services, Auto Monkey

Heating and Air

AC Compressor

AC Compressors

Mobile Battery Replacement Services, Auto Monkey

Air Filter

Gaskets Icon


Mobile Suspension Replacement Services, Auto Monkey


Mobile Serpentine Belt Replacement, Auto Monkey

Drive Belts

Mobile Serpentine Belt Replacement, Auto Monkey


Mobile Battery Replacement Services, Auto Monkey


Broke down on the side of the road? Use a mobile auto technician from Auto Monkey

Tune Up

Mobile General Mechanical Repair, Auto Monkey

Fuel Pump & Filter

Radiator Hoses Icon


General Light Weight Mechanic Services Icon

General Mechanic

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