Auto Monkey Welcomes its First Female Mechanic

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Auto Monkey, is excited to announce its first female mechanic. Allison Sikes has opted to join the Auto Monkey network of mobile mechanics. Working in the Waco, Texas area, she’s been a serious mechanic for the last 10 years now, and handles all sorts of repair work, including full engine rebuilds. A long way from her “barely being able to change a tire” she reminisced.

We love that women mechanics are starting to find and join the Auto Monkey band of mobile mechanics. While automotive mechanics is a field predominately made up of men, we’ve been advocating—the best we’re able—to bring more publicity to women in this field.

Women breaking into this automotive world are pioneers, whether it is as a driver, engineer or mechanic. Women like Danika Patrick, Constance Nunes, and dozens of others who have done amazing work and helped in bringing recognition to woman in this male-dominated field. They’ve proven they add value and excellence. At times showing up as among the best in their field. They are not popular solely because of sex-appeal, but “because [they are] a serious and talented mechanic who brings a lifetime of experience to [their] job” as stated so well by

We’re over the moon that one such pioneering woman has recently joined our ranks as a mobile mechanic.

Allison says working on cars is therapeutic and helps her deal with her trials of PTSD and depression. Things that many people suffer from, but are often trepidatious to share, but she shared it as openly, and as of matter-of-fact like, and as daringly as any AA member standing in front of their peers. Ironically, she learned how to fix cars from her ex-husband, who was a mechanic and the source of her PTSD. Allison openly shares, “Working on cars brings me a calming spirit and peace of mind. It’s a healing experience and exercise that helps ground me, and brings things back into perspective.” 

She continued to share that she’s in a great relationship now with another mechanic, who happens to be an Auto Monkey Mobile Mechanic as well (Shawn). The two of them frequently work on cars and trucks together doing everything from simple brake jobs to full on engine rebuilds. This activity is almost like a date-night: “it’s a bonding time for us. It strengthens our communication and ties. It helps us rely on each other and forms an added layer of trust.” Allison reflected. Then she laughed and said, “But it’s not without its drawbacks too. It can be frustrating at times. But I love it and the time we spend together.”

Currently, Allison and her fiancé, Shawn, are working on a labor of love project. Following the passing of her Grandfather, she was gifted his 2003 Chevy S-10 pickup truck. Unfortunately, this gift has fallen on hard times, and they have been expending every spare moment and dime to revive this piece of her memories of her Grandfather. It has needed a number of things stemming from the S-10’s widely known issue of it’s no-start like a new Harmonic Balancer, adjusting timing points and more. 

Thank you Allison for joining the other great pioneers of this field. We hope many more will follow you.

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