Announcing App Release v2.0.5


Auto Monkey is excited to announce the long-awaited update to its mobile mechanic app 2.0.5. This version brings a fair number of upgrades and improvements, some of which were inspired by customer suggestions, and are aimed to improve the customer’s experience. This new version is more robust, and feature packed on the customer end. In addition, we’ve included new security features on the backend. 

This release comes right at the time of the New Year as the world celebrates new beginnings, hails past accomplishments, and sets goals to achieve new heights in the coming year. Indeed, the Auto Monkey app has learned a lot and made some serious strides during its first year of operation. 

Founding Monkey, Michael Gonzales has this to say about this release. “We’re most excited about the new estimate layout. It’s long overdue and something we’ve aspired to provide since the inception. Estimates are far more transparent now. The app will no longer simply show itemized repairs and parts with a subtotal, tax and grand total; it now provides an itemized line item breakdown of pricing for Labor, Parts and Taxes.”

“Over the past year, we’ve learned this is likely one of the most indirectly requested features of the app as some customers would frequently request quotes for services, then re-request services specifying no parts--just so they could learn what each was costing them.”

In an effort to keep on top of what the customer is wanting, Auto Monkey added in an option, during the repair ordering process that customers can click to designate “I have my own parts.” This action, while negating any parts and labor warranty from Auto Monkey, does give the customer their optional freedom to buy and supply their own parts. “Often customers feel they’ll get better quality parts or at least have a say in what goes in their vehicle. I feel this is important for customers to have this option. It makes them feel more part of the process, more in control, that they’re somehow getting a better deal. But, most importantly the customer feels a sense of satisfaction and involvement during their repair.” Michael explains regarding this process. “It’s highly important to me that the customer’s come first—that they have a top-notch car repair experience.” 

On this note, Auto Monkey added a discount code field so that customers can start using reward points and promotional codes as available. 

Lastly, Auto Monkey wishes to thank their new app development partner, Echo Innovate, for their tireless efforts and work ethic. They act and work more as an invested partner rather than a paid contractor. They work to understand the philosophy behind the app and company rather than strictly following the scope of work and code accordingly. This latest update accounts for nearly 300 labor hours.

Auto Monkey is a limited liability company based in Fort Worth, Texas providing mobile automotive repair services  to vehicle owners at their home, office or other locations. For more information regarding Auto Monkey, please refer to their website at The Auto Monkey mobile app can be found in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.