Auto Monkey App Arrives In Apple and Google Play Stores


FORT WORTH, TEXAS, January 21, 2020 — The automotive maintenance industry will soon experience disruption with the launch of the Auto Monkey app, a mobile app that connects customers with mobile mechanics. Typically, customers waste time by contacting multiple service providers and run the risk of paying too much for repairs. By crowdsourcing mechanics in a geolocation, customers get the benefit of convenient repairs by experienced professionals, and mechanics get more work. The free app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Auto Monkey Founder Michael Gonzales developed the app after wondering, “What if a car owner didn’t have to take off work to get their oil changed or car fixed? Could a mechanic come to my house, my office or workplace?” He didn’t see any outfits that tended to those questions. 

“The app works similarly like Uber. It crowdsources mechanics all over Fort Worth and once a customer selects a mechanic, they perform the service in the customer’s driveway or parking space,” said Gonzales. “It provides an extra source of income for mechanics and an added layer of convenience for customers.  Just pop the hood.. An exchange of keys, in most cases, isn’t even necessary.”

The Auto Monkey mobile app is in beta, but already offers unique features. Once a mechanic is assigned to a customer’s auto repair, the customer can visually track progress. They can also use the app’s Live Chat feature, eliminating back-and-forth text messages and phone calls. The app also provides a secure sign-in and verification, private and secure invoicing and payment portal, a mechanic rating feature, and car repair history. 

“Customers are no longer tethered to dingy or tiny waiting rooms while traditional auto shops repair their car,” said Gonzales. “Auto Monkey provides a truly socially-distant, hands-free and convenient way to repair any automobile.

The app also ensures the mechanic only fixes and bills  what was originally requested by the customer. 

Auto Monkey is a limited liability company based in Fort Worth, Texas providing mobile automotive repair services to vehicle owners on location at their home, office or other. For more information regarding Auto Monkey, please refer to their website at The Auto Monkey mobile app can be found in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.