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The Interview


Step 4: The Interview

We're excited you've made it this far in the mechanic application process. If you pass this personal interview step, your account will be activated. This will allow you access to automotive repair requests and provide Auto Monkey Recipients automotive repair services.

IF your application is 100% complete (including all required uploaded documents), your next step will entail a call from an Auto Monkey recruiter. They will formally vet you as a competent mechanic and person of integrity, responsibility and reliability. The recruiter's assessment is strictly guarded by company guidelines. You should expect this interview to take anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Upon passing the interview, the recruiter will tell you your pay rate. Again pay rates are strictly guarded by company guidelines based upon your experience and certifications. Pay Rates vary from $35-$60 per hour.

While you're waiting for your interview, be sure to downloaded the app if you haven't done so already. After setting up your account it will be show a "Pending" status until all your documents have been reviewed and approved.

Note: We do not guarantee any amount of billable hours, or that you will even receive a repair order request. 

Start Your Subscription

Authorize Your Subscription

Subscription fees cover your access to comprehensive estimating and parts pricing software. This software is a requirement when building out estimates on the job. 
As of May 1, 2024 all approved mechanics on the Auto Monkey platform are required to pay a $50 monthly subscription fee. This fee pays for your access to Mitchell 1 ProDemand, a comprehensive mechanic software package. ProDemand provides, estimating guides, wire diagrams, R&R procedures, services bulletins, codes, and lots more. AllData and Identifix, competing software go for $189/mo.

In addition, you are given exclusive access to PartsTech, a comprehensive parts supply software. This tool provides parts diagrams and explosive views to locate and price parts. (More information provided during sign up.)

What To Expect As An Auto Monkey Mobile Mechanic

    1. Viewing Pending Repair Orders.
      Mechanics only see requests AFTER a customer has approved a repair order estimate. So you'll never need to wonder, is this a legit job or am I going to get paid? 

      When a request in your area comes in you'll get an app and text notification. It's essential you allow app notifications from Auto Monkey otherwise the app won't function properly and you'll miss out on orders. Also, change your settings so the app will not go dormant.

      On the app's main page, you can review any new requests. The main view show a good overview of the order. Tap the DETAILS button to see request details like service type, location, car, customer information, labor hours, and payout. 

    2. Accepting A Repair Order (RO) Request.
      Tap the ACCEPT button to pick it up, or DECLINE if you can't do it. Repairs MUST be completed within 6 days of the customer's approval. So you can do it same day, or another time. Once you've accepted the order your call and chat functions are activated, as wells as the parts list and calendar functions. At this point, it's recommended you call or send a chat message to the customer to schedule the repair time, and discuss any details you'd like. 

      NOTE: The customer's estimate approval only lasts 6 days. This means if the customer's job authorization expires you won't get paid. IF this happens contact mechanic support.

    3. Change and Maintain Order Status.
      After accepting a job, the order is automatically moved from the New Orders queue to your "In Progress" queue.

      Please update your status in the app. This is easily done with a drop down menu designated Status. Status levels include:
      1. On My Way
      2. Repair Scheduled
      3. Picking Up Parts
      4. On Site and Working
      5. Paused and Rescheduled
      6. Completed. 

        NOTE: Each time you change your app status, it sends a push notification to the customer.

    4. Automotive Repair Services Documentation.
      Keeping good notes is part of any good technician's repair work. It helps you and other mechanics know what you've done, things you've noticed and items to be aware of. Keeping good notes can also save you in the event foul is called, or a pending warranty issue.

      There is a "Notes" section in every active order. Tap the NOTES tab on the right side to open the notes section. This is how we document needed repairs or warnings to the customer regarding the vehicle. These Notes are only available to Mechanics and Admin, and will follow the life of the vehicle. Other mechanics may see your notes down the road. Each entry is notated with the mechanic's name and date.

      If you'd like your notes to be public, use the Chat function. This function is visible to the customer and customer support. Each Chat submission is met with an app notification. 

    5. Picking up Parts.
      We maintain a commercial account partnership with AutoZone. This is strategic as they are usually within 5-10 miles of nearly anyway...except rural areas. They provide us with exceptional pricing and back all our warranties. They also provide delivery services between the hours of 8am and 6pm to locations within their delivery radius.

      Auto Monkey pays for all the parts needed for the repair.
      A list of parts are provided for you in the Repair Order along with the required PO#  to pick up the parts.

      Any parts, tools, supplies or other "personal items" purchased outside the approved PO will be billed to you as due immediately, or automatically deducted from a credit card or bank on file, per this notice.

    6. Getting Paid.
      All mechanics are paid via Stripe. You must set up a Stripe "Connect" account to get payment. This can ONLY be done via the Auto Monkey app. Going to Stripe on your own will not connect your account with ours. This MUST be done PRIOR to doing any repair work, or you will not get paid when the work is completed. 


      1. Tap "Account" in the Auto Monkey app.
      2. Tap "My Payout Setup".
      3. Follow Stripe setup guide. 
            -NOTE: This will entail adding your banking information, W9, valid IDs, etc. 
      4. You will be direct to a "success" page once it is all set up. 

      Stripe processes funds to your account 24-48 hours from the time the repair order is Completed. We say 24-48 hours due to "banker hours." Often if a job is completed before 5pm, funds are seen the following morning—UNLESS it is a weekend. We're unsure why Stripe doesn't process funds over the weekend. We are working with Stripe and developers to find an even "faster" method.

      Auto Monkey pays its mobile mechanics a FLAT RATE, plus the Service Fee, and any Tips the customer gives for each repair order.
      1. FLAT RATES: If the job estimates 1.5 hours, you will be paid 1.5 regardless if the job takes 1 hour or 3 hours. You can see your "profitability rate" on the each completed repair order summary. ALL REPAIRS ARE BASED ON MOTOR'S LABOR GUIDES, and is within .01% of ALL DATA, Identifix, and Michelle1 Labor Guides as all 3 of these are actually based on Motor's national trends.

        NOTE: Mechanics are paid for the labor hours determined by Motor Labor Guides and shown on each repair order. They are not paid for added travel time or other. If labor times vary significantly from Motor's prescribed time, please notify mechanic support so adjustments and considerations may be made in the future. 

      2. SERVICE FEES: There is a "service fee" automatically attached to each repair order. This fee is meant to help offset the cost of gas and/or some travel time.

      3. TIPS: Customers are provided an opportunity (in the app) to leave mechanics a tip once a repair is completed. They are presented with a drop down menu ranging from $5-$50 they can choose. Tips are 100% OPTIONAL. This option is presented at the same time the provide you a star-rating and review. 

    7. Ratings and Performance.
      Mobile Mechanics are required to maintain a rating of 4.0 or higher. If your cumulative rating drops below a 4.0 you may be dropped from the program following an inquiry.

    8. Wear Your PP.
      Wearing your Personal Protective Equipment is important for all hands-on work. It’s Auto Monkey company policy that mechanics are recommended to  use gloves, eye protection, and steel toed shoes to help prevent injury.  

If you have any questions regarding the process or what's next, please call 888-501-2201, or email us at