Mechanic Incentives
Get them while they're hot!

December incentives

  • $50 Bonus to any mechanic who's customer posts a 5-star Google Review
  • $50 Bonus when you complete any repair request within 3 days of it's original approval date.
    • *Does not include Fleet or Corporate repair orders.
    • *Orders must be picked up and scheduled within 2 hours.

Monthly incentives

  • $250 Bonus for every 20 billable hours completed during a calendar month.

Quarterly incentives

  • $100 Gift Certificate for the Top 3 mechanics with the most billable hours 

Auto Monkey Proshop

Get your Auto Monkey merch here. Get business cards, signs, shirts, hats and more. Want something that isn't shown in the Auto Monkey Proshop, email us and we'll make it happen. If you're wanting a car wrap, we will provide the design and send it to the printer/installer. 

These are a few samples of what is in the Proshop. You may need to create your own login to use the Auto Monkey Proshop. 

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Debating About Converting Your Own Customers

If you’re debating about bringing in your own customers, please consider these added benefits:

  1. No Merchant Fees
  2. No Stress in Collections
  3. No responsibility for parts inventory management
  4. In-house marketing 
  5. Improved tracking and reporting for both you and the customers
  6. Customer support line (ie. virtual assistant)
  7. Built-in Estimating Team
  8. Documented communications
  9. Industry leading warranty
  10. Back-up mechanics (in select areas)

*Bonuses will be paid out the 2nd second week of each month.