Investing in Auto Monkey 

We are working to raise seed capital to better facilitate growth related efforts.

Auto Monkey's mobile automotive repair platform is one of the fastest growing apps in the automotive industry. We average 10-15 new automotive technicians requesting to join our platform weekly. This interest in Auto Monkey has led to a 252% YoY growth in our network, propelling into one of the largest mobile automotive repair companies in the nation. Serving over 300 cities across 30 states, our platform is able to reach more than 1.2 million customers. 

Current market valuations are upwards of $230B with a 5 year company valuation of $9.6MM.

Overview — Automotive Repair Anywhere

Auto Monkey is an automotive repair service that comes to you. Our qualified and vetted contract mobile mechanics handle any number of light car repairs right in the customer's driveway or parking space. Repairs are quality, and pricing is often better than "in-shop" options, and we provide an industry leading 2-year/24,000 mile warranty.  Auto Monkey governs all the estimating to ensure consistency across the board. 

car owner's top Anxieties about car repair


Do I have to miss work again to get my car fixed?


Who can I coax to drive me around while my car sits at a shop?


Can’t a mechanic just come to me instead?


Is the mechanic reliable? Is there a warranty?

Easy to use. Easy to pay. Easy to share.


Pick Your Service


Pin Your Location


Approve The Estimate


Schedule the Repair


Rate and Review 


"It Just Makes Sense"

Auto Monkey is convenient, secure and contactless. Customers love how easy it is, the dependability, the cost savings, and the peace of mind they experience from knowing their car is handled properly. 

“I will use this service again. I am a happy customer. Great way to get your car fixed without leaving your house. They are cheaper than the local places also.”

John D. - Google
“Auto Monkey is convenient, quick and reliable. And they do a terrific job. We have used them for repairs as well as getting our oil changed. I highly recommend their service.”
Mark R. - Facebook

“Words cannot describe how thankful and grateful and happy I am that my car is fixed. I don't know how many times I’m gonna say it. but thank you so much for everything!!”

Brianne D. - Google

“He came out to my house later in the evening and replaced the thermostat quickly. He communicated with me often to find a good time for me and got it done! I'm back and running! Great job! Thanks”

Scott R. - Apple

Rapid growth in an untapped market

Year Over Year Reporting





Ave Spend



Auto Monkey Mobile Mechanic Locations

* The decline in customer acquisitions over the past 2 quarters is 2 fold. Partly due to market conditions and partly due to reduced marketing dollars. Discrepancies between requests and revenue are largely due to the following reasons: 1) Requests made are "out of area." 2) Customers testing pricing options with multiple repair scenarios. Other marginal reasons may exist. 
** Map of locations is a capture of all locations as of Nov 30, 2023

A look at the u.s. automotive repair market

Total Available Market
800M Cars1

Total Serviceable Market
72%2 - 576M Cars

Market Valuation

Auto Monkey Valuation4

1Reported by

2Reported by v12 data, a Porsche Company, that 72% of used cars are not using a dealer for their repairs and maintenance.

3TSM x AVG Ticket Cost = Market Valuation.

Auto Monkey's bootstrap valuation4 is a 5 year cumulative based on past growth and forecasting continued growth at that same rate. A separate 5 year valuation forecast shows as much as $33M when considering a $1.5MM annual investment.

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Monkey marketing


We have found the majority of our customers come from social media. This fits with general marketing trends where more 68% or more of leads come from digital efforts. Our remaining come from friend, family and customer referrals.


Marketing plans will double down on our top 2 lead generators, Meta Platforms and Referrals. We aim to help with general public awareness using broadcast media in our top 3 markets.

Users are more easily reached via the app itself and continued social media presence. 

We will continue to improve our organic presence through a more integrated marketing effort, that is truly holistic in nature. Organic growth has been the hallmark of Auto Monkey to date and continues to serve us well. 

Recognized as Reliable, Affordable, Intelligent and Easy to Use.


Social Media

Enjoyable ads geared to grow brand awareness, improve engagement rates, and incentivize sharing. 

App Ads

Push notifications and Ads geared to improve repeat business, online reviews and shares. 

Broadcast Media

Unique memorable commercials that instill the fun, good-natured culture of Auto Monkey, and combine the intellect of well-experienced, certified technicians.


Mechanics, like customers, love the advantages the app provides over comparable apps.

It simplifies their life, wrenching, and maximizes their payout.


Meet Jonathan, our first contracted mechanic. While John has plenty of mechanical skills in his 15 years working on cars, he also has had difficulty finding the right place to work for. Jonathan didn't have the funds to start his own business, nor wanted to assume the risk, which put him in a tough situation. 

With Auto Monkey, “It takes all the worry and work out of being my own boss. It brings me the work, handles the parts, and customer payments. It’s totally worked out in my favor.”


Meet Wesley, a mechanic in Ojai, California. He's been turning wrenches for about 12 years now, and is entrepreneurial minded. 

Wes coaches his regular customers to use Auto Monkey because it's made his billing, scheduling and communications much easier.

“It’s easy to use and the customers love it. Aside from that I think this is the future of automotive repair.” 

About the owner

Auto Monkey Founder smiling outside AutoZone

Michael Gonzales

Founder/ Owner

Michael might be considered a shade tree mechanic, but his extensive background in branding and marketing is legit. With a Masters from the prestigious Northwestern University in Integrated Marketing Communications, Michael is a well seasoned strategist with 20+ years of experience in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C domestic and international marketing. "I consider myself to be an inventive thinker, a collaborator and mentor." He has proven success records managing global, cross-functional teams which produced recognizable and measurable growth.

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mobile auto service repairs

This list of services is not intended to represent a complete list of services we provide. A more complete list is found on our app.
*Our mobile mechanic services do not include State Inspections, Programming, Transmission work, Body Work, Engine Rebuilds or any kind of Performance Enhancements.

Mobile Transmission Repair Services, Auto Monkey


Mobile Starter Motor Services, Auto Monkey

Starter Motor

Mobile Starter Motor Services, Auto Monkey

Power Steering

Mobile Radiator Repair, Auto Monkey

Radiator & Cooling System

Mobile Vehicle Diagnostic Services, Auto Monkey



Oil Change


Brakes & Braking System

car battery replacement icon - Auto Monkey mobile mechanic repair services.


Mobile Heading and Air Conditioning car repair services, Auto Monkey

Heating and Air

AC Compressor

AC Compressors

Mobile Battery Replacement Services, Auto Monkey

Air Filter

Gaskets Icon


Mobile Suspension Replacement Services, Auto Monkey


Mobile Serpentine Belt Replacement, Auto Monkey

Drive Belts

Mobile Serpentine Belt Replacement, Auto Monkey


Mobile Battery Replacement Services, Auto Monkey


Broke down on the side of the road? Use a mobile auto technician from Auto Monkey

Tune Up

Mobile General Mechanical Repair, Auto Monkey

Fuel Pump & Filter

Radiator Hoses Icon


General Light Weight Mechanic Services Icon

General Mechanic