New AC Compressor vs. Recharging Freon

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AC Temperature Gauge ensuring the temperature is blowing cold air

New AC Compressor vs. Recharging FreonThe air is not cold. I Think I need a new ac compressor?Dude, where my cold air?! It’s stupid hot outside, and driving around with no AC is miserable. Yes, it’s that time of year, when mechanics everywhere are busy fixing car’s AC systems everywhere. Believe it or not, it’s their #1 repair request in … Read More

The Evolution of Mobile Mechanic Labor Rates


Auto Monkey technician monitoring vehicle

The Evolution of Mobile Mechanic Labor RatesHow Auto Monkey is Leading the ChargeIn recent years, the demand for mobile mechanic services has surged, reflecting a broadening trend in the convenience of having automotive repairs done at home or work. However mobile mechanic labor rates are frequently underpaid. The automotive repair and maintenance service market, valued at $825 billion in 2023, … Read More

The Rise of Mobile Mechanics

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Auto Monkey mobile mechanic at a customer's house

The Rise of Mobile MechanicsThe automotive repair industry is experiencing a significant transformation with the rise of mobile mechanics. These professionals bring their tools and expertise directly to customers’ locations, providing convenience and flexibility that traditional auto repair shops cannot match. This trend is gaining momentum, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and the demand for more efficient services. … Read More

Auto Monkey is Now A Registered Trademark


Announcing Auto Monkey® as a Registered TrademarkFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Auto Monkey® is pleased to announce that on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved the registration trademark of Auto Monkey. Reg. No. 7,259,734. Notably distinguished as: services featuring software for obtaining automotive service quotes, scheduling automotive services, and location pinning capabilities that help mechanics … Read More

Knowing When The Starter Motor Is Bad

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Knowing When The Starter Motor Is BadSigns of a Bad Starter Motor and knowing the differencesFew automotive inconveniences are as frustrating as a car that refuses to start, and not understanding why. When you turn the key in the ignition and are met with nothing but silence or a feeble attempt at cranking, it’s easy to feel a sense of … Read More

A Guide to Alternator Diagnostics

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A Guide to Alternator Diagnosticstroubleshooting Your Vehicle’s Charging SystemThe alternator plays a crucial role in your vehicle’s electrical system by generating electrical power to charge the battery and supply electricity to various systems while the engine is running. Any malfunction in the alternator can lead to a dead battery, electrical system failures, and leave you stranded. In this extensive guide, … Read More

Common Signs of Alternator Problems

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Common Signs of Alternator Problemstroubleshooting Your AlternatorYour vehicle’s alternator is a vital component of its electrical system, responsible for generating electricity to power various electrical components and charge the battery. When your alternator is functioning correctly, you can enjoy uninterrupted drives with all your electronic gadgets and essential systems operating smoothly. However, like any mechanical part, alternators are not immune … Read More

How to Test an Alternator

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How to Test an AlternatorTesting to see if your alternator is any goodThe alternator is a crucial component of your vehicle’s electrical system, responsible for generating electricity to recharge the battery and power various electrical systems while the engine is running. If your alternator fails, it can lead to a dead battery and a host of electrical problems. Therefore, knowing … Read More

Caring For Your Car

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One of the most common questions we hear from consumers is, “What do I need to do to take care of my car and avoid big repair bills?”

The answers are wide and varied. The most tried and true response to caring for your car is regular oil changes and maintenance. Make sure your oil is changed regularly—every 3000 miles with conventional oil, every 5000 miles with synthetic and synthetic blends. If your car has over 75,000 miles you should make a habit of checking your engine oil around its half-life (ie 2500 for synthetic)….<

Diagnostic Results

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Diagnostic ResultsWhat to do when you are unsure of diagnostic results There’s no other way to put it – your car being broken is stressful, and trying to sift through the technical jargon on what is actually wrong with your car can be stressful. While there are a ton of great, reputable mechanics all over the country, a few bad apples … Read More

Are Mobile Mechanics a New Trend

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You’ve probably known or seen this idea, or even thought, “Why on earth can’t a mechanic come to me?” In the world of plumbing and HVAC repairs on your home, it seems rather simple to just get the technician to come to you.

Auto Monkey 2.5 Brings it Home


The Auto Monkey v2.5 launch is a much anticipated update by its mechanics. This new version sporting an exciting splash screen added in a major swing in operations for mechanics. It allows them to be more in the driver’s seat for onsite diagnostic work. Of course…we loaded it with a fun new way for customers to rate their mechanics, and … Read More